Learn about some big changes at thoughtbot

Lindsey Christensen

Avid thoughtbot followers may have noticed some big changes popping up over here and we think it’s time to give you the whole story.

In a new mini-series on the Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots podcast (found on all your favorite listening platforms), we’ll be going deep into the details of the historic thoughtbot reorganization and strategic shift that happened in late 2020.

What’s new at thoughtbot

Some of the major changes we’re going to cover include

  • Chad Pytel stepping down as CEO, moving into the COO role
  • Diana Bald stepping into CEO role from Managing Director of thoughtbot NYC
  • thoughtbot moving from geography-based teams to service-based teams
  • thoughtbot going remote-first

To kick off our mini-series, Diana and Chad are going to sit down for an exclusive 1:1 about the CEO-COO changes. You’ll learn more about why the change was made, goals for the new chapter of thoughtbot, as well as more about Diana’s background and what she’ll be bringing to this role.

Got questions? I bet you do! Submit your questions about any of the changes mentioned above and we’ll be sure to answer them on the podcast.