Last Week In Open Source

Alex Godin

Mike Burns, the usual author of this post, was out last week so I’m filling in. Sorry it’s a little late. As usual we had a ton of activity around our open source projects.


Paperclip, our popular gem for image attachments, got a few bug fixes. Jeff Dutil (jdutil) changed the travis-ci build image to use https so that Github wouldn’t cache it (c0c9b69) meanwhile, David Faber (faber) fixed a bug with the :fog_public attachment option. Evgeniy Dolzhenko (dolzenko) pointed out a typo in one of the matchers (9f38928). To top it off our own Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu) configured Travis CI to test against REE (ab7db5a).

Factory Bot1

Factory Bot, the gem that provides factories for readable tests, got a ton of love this week.  Jeff Dutil (jdutil) fixed the travis-ci images yet again (40d08ee). Our own Josh Clayton (joshuaclayton) and Thomas Walpole (twalpole) colaborated to add traits. Josh pushed out a new release too. Read the blog post or look at the commits to find out more. Ken Collins (metaskills) fixed a bug with the way overrides dealt with attribute definition order (4b83b1e). Thomas also fixed another attribute related bug (2ccbf45). Josh also fixed some issues with dynamic attributes of file attributes (8012d3d). Josh also bumped the version to 2.0.4 (be14aa) and replaced rr with mocha for mocks (554e6ab).


Cappybara-Webkit, the headless browser that runs your tests at lightning speed, got a few bug fixes too. Joe Ferris (jferris) disabled custom fonts to prevent crashing on OS X (82ae0c2). 

Paul Revere

Paul Revere, the gem that lets you easily add one off announcements to rails apps, got some documentation love this week from Matt Jankowski (mjankowski) He added usage documentation (810f6aa, f09b757) and fixed some existing documentation (2758eb1).


The fabulous vanilla sass mixins gem got some care from thoughtbot’s Phil Lapier (plapier). He changed the file extensions from .css.scss to .scss (2465a17) and released version 0.1.4 (920785d).


Lots of changes in Kumade! It now uses a deploy branch for committing assets (2e11258), which means that those ugly Jammit compilation commits for Heroku don’t show up in your github repo. It no longer requires the deploy subcommand, so you can just do kumade staging instead of kumade deploy staging. It no longer detects the Cedar stack by default (bce4682), since heroku stacks requires permissions that you may not have, even if you can push to it. Instead, use the “-c” flag to indicate that your app uses the cedar stack. And just today, it got better integration tests (39fd463, f5902ae, 657f63d). None of these changes are released in a gem yet, but you can get it via git: gem "kumade", :git => "git://".


Last but not least is Laptop, thoughtbot’s one stop shop for setting up a development environment. thoughtbot’s Dan Croak (croaky) changed the readme to recommend a standalone install of GCC instead of xcode (38d2458). He also added tmux (531645d) and updated the default ruby from 1.9 to 1.9.2 (a29cbe7). John Deerhake (jdeerhake) chipped in with a fix for ack on ubuntu (557736b).

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  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.