Join us for 3 days on Cape Cod

Chad Pytel


This summer thoughtbot will be spending some time on Cape Cod. We’d love for you to join us for some chillin’ out, haxin’, relaxin’ all cool in what we’re calling CAPE CODE.

Last year, the entire company went to Newport, RI to hang out and work for about a week. We had a lot of fun, so this year we wanted to open up the last few days of the trip to everyone else.

This isn’t going to be a conference, its more about hanging out in a cool place, working on and exploring some interesting things with interesting people, and having a good time. We hope you’ll join us.

*Update: *By request, we’ve added a “Without lodging” option for $99. If you happen to be in the area and don’t want to stay at the resort, this is the option for you.