Join thoughtbot to work on React Native iOS and Android apps

In addition to the mobile apps we create using first-party languages like Swift and Java/Kotlin, we’ve found that there’s a place for rapid, cross-platform mobile app development in React Native.

We’ve historically eschewed cross-platform mobile frameworks because they haven’t allowed us to build the kinds of products we’re proud of, that users love to use, and that can be well-maintained over time. React Native is the first cross-platform framework we’ve used that hits the right balance between business needs, overall cost to develop, and product quality.

As a result, we’re now actively hiring mobile app developers with experience in React Native in Boston, NYC, San Francisco, Raleigh, and Austin. Because we continue to use first-party languages and frameworks when they makes sense, experience with those (or even web development) is a big plus, but is not required for the position.

Check out the positions and apply at the following links: