Introducing Metis Bootcamp

Chad Pytel

I am excited to announce that Kaplan Test Prep, the global leader in test prep, and thoughtbot have partnered to launch a new web development bootcamp for individuals interested in becoming professional Ruby on Rails web developers, called Metis.

The inaugural bootcamp will be held in our Boston office, and runs from February 24 to May 16, 2014 — a total of 12 weeks. Applications are open now, and we will accept students on a rolling basis, with the final round of acceptance targeted for January 10th.

We’ve developed the bootcamp curriculum based on our experiences running and Upcase (both of which will continue), and informed by Kaplan’s proprietary learning science and assessment insights.

Kaplan brings a global brand and resources we haven’t yet seen in the developer bootcamp space. As an education industry heavyweight, Kaplan represents a significant new presence in what is still a young market.

Other bootcamps expect their students to spend 70-100 hours/week on their programs. We practice sustainable pace in our jobs and will ask the same of our students. We’re big believers in a full night’s sleep, weekends with friends and families, and time to recharge our brains so that each working hour is used effectively. We don’t want our students to work around the clock after they get placed. So, we don’t want a program that promotes that behavior.

Our students will also actively participate in the open-source community. This will give them additional experience, build their resume, and help introduce themselves in the community within which they are building their new career.

Every day will include in-person instruction by thoughtbot developers and hands-on, individual and group project work. Students will build real applications, and will contribute to open-source. They will work hard, and we will work hard to help them succeed.

For more information and to apply to the program, please visit the Metis website.