Hiring a San Francisco Office Manager

Dan Croak

About a year ago, we opened an office in San Francisco.

Galen, Adarsh, Mason, and I moved out here from Boston after the Fourth of July:

first four

Over the summer, we hired Greg, Mark, and Jessie:

next three

Britt, Scott, Alex, Theo, Diana, Laila, and Devon all joined over the fall, winter, and spring, rounding out our current team of 11 developers (8 web/Ruby, 3 mobile/iOS) and 3 designers.

During that time, we worked out of the excellent WeWork coworking space while we built out a space we could call our own for the next 7 years:

floor plan

I’m pleased to report that as of today, we’ve officially moved into our new space at 85 2nd St:

jessie ralph

Who’s next

We’re now looking for a San Francisco office manager to take responsibility for tasks such as:

  • Contributing to the general happiness of the entire thoughtbot team
  • Coordinating hiring visits and teammate travel
  • Welcoming potential clients
  • Making clients feel extremely comfortable in our office
  • Coordinating usability testing
  • Working with our accountant to make sure our expenses are correct
  • Ordering Friday lunches
  • Keeping the kitchen stocked
  • Hosting events with aplomb
  • Managing relationships with office vendors such as electricians, plumbers, security, and sanitation
  • Managing relationships with other individuals and organizations in the San Francisco tech community
  • Assisting the other offices with Anna, our Boston office manager

The most critical skills we need in this person are outstanding communication, problem-solving, detail-orientation, and decision making skills. We suspect most applicants will have experience with office management and event planning.

As with any team member, we also look for character strengths such as enthusiasm (invigorates others), focus (pays attention, resists distractions, remembers directions), gratitude (shows appreciation), curiosity (eager to explore, asks questions to understand, actively listens), optimism (gets over frustrations quickly), grit (finishes what he or she starts, doesn’t get blocked), emotional intelligence (demonstrates respect for others’ feelings, knows when and how to include others), humor (likes to laugh, makes others smile), and appreciation of beauty (notices and appreciates beauty and excellence).

This is a full-time position with competitive salary and exceptional benefits, which include unlimited time off and 100% of medical premiums paid.

If you know someone who might be interested in this position, please forward this along to them or have them email their cover letter and resume to resumes@thoughtbot.com.