High-Performance Ruby Editing with Vim

Announcing our newest screencast series: Navigating Ruby Files with Vim.

This 3-part series was created by Drew Neil, author of Practical Vim and host of vimcasts.org.

With his famously soothing accent, Drew will teach you ultra-efficient navigation through Ruby files. Rather than typing out long pathnames or searching for method definitions, you’ll learn to jump directly to the code in which you’re interested.

You’ll also learn about vim’s powerful use of ctags and a powerful set of plugins that let you edit Ruby at a higher level of abstraction.

Once you’ve mastered these super powers, you’re likely to find yourself relying on documentation less and less, preferring to go right to the source. Over time, you’ll gain a better understanding of how the gems you use each day are put together.

I’ve been editing Ruby with Vim for six years, and I learned an immense amount from the videos.

If you’re ready to push your Vim accelerator to the floor, check out Navigating Ruby Files with Vim.