Happy Birthday, Ralph

Matt Jankowski


Please join the celebration.

Today is the 4th anniversary of the incorporation of thoughtbot, inc. (We previously existed as an MA state partnership - which turned 7 years old in July). October also marks our 4th anniversary of working almost exclusively with ruby and rails as a web application platform.

We’d like to thank our current and past employees for their commitment to producing quality software in a productive environment. We created thoughtbot to make that environment a reality, and we love that it’s still going strong.

We’d like to thank our current and past customers for hiring us - and give a special thanks to our earliest customers who had to make the case for an “unproven” technology within their organizations by choosing Rails as a platform.

We’d also like to thank the Ruby community, all the other great Rails-focused companies doing web app development, the Rails core team, Ruby conference organizers, all our training alumni – for making the ruby community such a fun and professional place to exist as a software developer.

We think our best work is yet to come, and look forward to the future with a sort of crazed, sinister-yet-loving robotic stare.