From The Journal Of Atticus Mendelschmidt III

The Hoptoad frog is named Atticus Mendelschmidt III. He’s had a busy week.

Hot on the heels of the big Lighthouse integration announcement, Atticus wants you to know what else he’s been up to.


Codebase is a software project management application with full git hosting & integration. Key features include a complete ticketing interface, milestones, wiki, time tracking in addition to all the repository browsing features.

When you comment on a ticket, you may want to include a Hoptoad link:

Codebase comment form

When you post the comment, you’ll get a pretty link of Atticus with just the Hoptoad error number:


Hoptoad API Ruby gem

Atticus was vacationing in Avon, CT recently, where he met up with Steve Agalloco. During afternoon tea, Atticus told Steve about the Hoptoad API. Before supper time, Steve had put together the hoptoad-api Ruby gem.

Install it and addressable, a dependency:

gem install addressable
gem install spagalloco-hoptoad-api

Give it your subdomain and API key:

require 'rubygems'
require 'hoptoad-api'

Hoptoad.account = 'your_account'
Hoptoad.token   = 'your_account_api_key'

What can I do with the gem

Excellent question. I can see you are very intelligent.

Since the gem is built atop ActiveResource, you can do anything you would normally do with an ActiveResource client:


Remember that Hoptoad groups errors (called notices in the returned data). The find :all for Hoptoad API therefore returns the most recent groups of errors based on the date of their most recent notice. The following test passes:

should "find a page of the 30 most recent errors" do
  errors  = Hoptoad::Error.find(:all)
  ordered = errors.sort_by(&:most_recent_notice_at).reverse
  assert_equal ordered, errors
  assert_equal 30, errors.size

We’re interested what people will do with this. Create your own graphs? Identify trends in your controller data? Tell us what you come up with or anything else you’d like from the API and we’ll try to make it happen for you.

Where will Atticus’ travels take him next

If you see Atticus at your local watering hole, buy him a drink and let us know what crazy antics he’s been up to now.

FYI: Hoptoad/Airbrake was sold to RackSpace and is now called Airbrake Bug Tracker.