The community's hopping all over Hoptoad

Tammer Saleh

Just to let everyone know, I’m expecting that we’ll get tired of the toad puns in about 3 more months. So just hold on till then.

Since we opened up the API, and put the notifier on github, we’ve been getting a lot of contributions from the Hoptoad user base.

Notifier plugin that uses Beanstalkd

The Reevoo team wrote a post about integrating their exception_messaging plugin with their Beanstalk messaging plugin and their fork of the hoptoad notifier to queue your exceptions from all your apps and send them to Hoptoad from a centralized server. This is a great idea if your site is built using a federated approach with different applications all talking to each other.

OS X RubyCocoa app for displaying unresolved errors from Hoptoad


If you’re a mac user (which is somewhere just under 100% of the Rails community), then check out by Brian Cooke, author of the award winning rooSwitch. It gives you a desktop application that displays your exceptions and plays a sound when new ones arrive.

Merbtoad? Hopmerb? Merb’s hoppin’ the TOAD

Joakim Kolsj√∂ took the bull by the horns and ported hoptoad to Merb. If you’re a merbivore, you can get the source and begin contributing on github.

Hoptoad goes enterprise

There are currently two .NET versions of the notifier floating around.

One was started by our own Dan Croak. It’s just getting started, and could use a little love from you .NET hackers hiding in the shadows. Again, get the source from github.

The other is from Brennan Falkner, who posted a single file version on github.

There is also a Java port of the notifier, contributed by SNIF labs.

Hoptoad on Heroku

Finally, Adam Wiggins of Heroku posted a howto on integrating hoptoad into your Heroku apps. Hoptoad is a breeze to configure and install, but it’s great to see more posts like this that walk you through each step.

FYI: Hoptoad/Airbrake was sold to RackSpace and is now called Airbrake Bug Tracker.