Fourteen hours to save the earth

Matt Jankowski

With our projects getting more and more complex and visually interesting, it’s time we enter a world we didn’t think we’d enter - we’re hiring a full time flash developer. The position can be based out of either our Boston or NYC offices, and includes full benefits. Some client interaction required.



  • Must have working knowledge of the history of the flash and it’s philosophical underpinnings
  • Must understand how to set the flash in a controller
  • Must prefer symbols to strings as flash keys
  • Must have considered implementing alternate storage mechanism for flash data unrelated to session storage
  • Must understand when and why to use instead of the regular #flash
  • Must make consistent use of assert_select to test for the precise text that should be present in a page’s HTML during use


  • Send us a working example of an actual real world use case for either #flash.keep or #flash.discard
  • Send us a transcript or summary of a lengthy internal monologue you’d have with yourself about how to best markup and style your flash-related HTML output
  • Explain how you reacted when you realized using id=flash instead of class=flash was going to lead to invalid markup, and whether you corrected it or not
  • Send in working code of your alternate flash data storage implementation (bonus points if this used S3)

We’re looking to hire immediately, as our flash needs have grown tremendously in the last month, and we’re struggling to keep up with it.