DevOps Events and Conferences for 2024

Victoria Guido

Coming into the second quarter of the year, we have had time to get an idea of where 2024 is heading in the DevOps world. It may be overwhelming for some and exciting for others as we embark on a road with new and emerging technologies. In a fast paced industry, it’s important to keep up to date with what is to come. I am extremely excited to connect with other members of the DevOps community at virtual, local, and global events throughout the rest of the year. Here is a round-up of events you may find interesting if you are into platform engineering or if you are looking to network with the best in the industry. Here’s a breakdown of each event including the name, location, dates, and a synopsis of each.

DevOps Pro Partners with DevDays Europe Vilnius, Lithuania & Online May 20-24

  • One ticket - Three Conferences! In partnership with DevDays, if you buy a ticket to this conference you will also gain entrance into the DevDays Europe Conference and Cyberwise Con. This conference covers the basic principles of DevOps methodology and how to use the most common patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on-site and in the cloud.

DevOps Con

  • Stay a step ahead and boost your productivity with this CI/CD, Kubernetes Ecosystem, Agile, and Lean Business conference! Learn about the latest tools from over 40 speakers and Devops masterminds from around the world. With powerful workshops to learn about the most up-to-date technologies and network with an international community! There are three opportunities to go to a DevOps near you or all are able to be joined virtually as well.


  • These events are for Senior Level Dev Ops professionals who are looking to learn emerging trends, explore use cases, and how to implement best practices at these incredible events that have helped thousands over the last 18 years! There are 4 events in 2024 with 2 taking place in Europe and 2 taking place in the U.S. Go check them out!

It Revolution

  • IT Revolution has two opportunities this year for joining one of their conferences. One virtual conference at the end of April and another in-person conference in Las Vegas at the end of August! Both conferences address the cross-section of people, process, and technology. If you want to learn strategies to improve and transform culture and org design, this is the conference for you! With over a dozen amazing speakers, this conference will help you navigate sociotechnical systems, and understand why technology for executives and leaders matters for your business.
  • IT Revolution Virtual Event April 24-25
  • IT Revolution Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A Aug 20-22

Conf42 Conf42

Location! Location! Location!

  • If you are looking for a conference that also has a beautiful location perk attached to it, this is the section for you! There are several events that pride themselves at being a destination spot. Not just for expanding your brain with exceptional DevOps knowledge, but also to expand your horizons! Check out these conferences if you need a vacation get-a-way!
    • On the Beach Malaga, Spain May 8-10
    • Join DevOps, Developers, and Data Scientists together in a beautiful location at the Torremolinos hotel in Malaga, Spain to learn about Big Data! Topics include data visualization, microservices and cloud, data and software engineering and distributed systems.

Entry Level Options

  • If you are someone who is entry-level and you are looking for conferences that have options for you, these are the ones you should check out! Powershell Summit in Washington provides an On-Ramp ticket to get entry level participants started and allows them to supercharge their entry into the DevOps and IT world. Data2Day, which is held in Heidelberg, Germany is a conference that prides itself to be for everyone, no matter where they are in their data science journey. From beginners to professionals, there is literally something for everyone! Learn a number of different skills including data tools and trends, machine and deep learning, data modeling and prototyping. Deep dive into using Python and R and learn how to start your first data projects. If either of these events sounds like they are for you, check out the links below to find tickets!

More opportunities

You will find 1 time annual conferences below with a variety of topics and locations. These are the big ones you don’t want to miss, including Integrate in London that is partnered and partially run by Microsoft. You definitely will want to find out more on some of these listed below.

  • KCD New York New York, New York U.S.A May 22

    • This first and largest CNCF event organized in New York City is a one-day technical conference event with over 250 developers, system engineers, and IT professionals giving plenty of opportunity for growth and networking.
  • Icinga Summit Berlin, Germany June 5-6

    • Save the Date for this amazing Icinga Conference. This summit is a chance to work on your knowledge and network in a relaxing and welcoming environment. Learn from interesting discussions and hands-on workshops, usability tests and friendly discussions in a dedicated community space where there is something for everyone in the DevOps field.
  • Integrate London, U.K. and Online June 10-11

    • You are not going to want to miss the largest Microsoft integration tech conference standing as the premier conference for Microsoft Integration experts on a global scale. You’ll meet the Microsoft team, expand your network, and have inspiring conversations while gaining access to unparalleled insights and opportunities. You’ll learn Microsoft’s strategic direction and its advances in Azure.
  • PlatformCon Online June 10 - 14

    • With over 22 thousand people in attendance, PlatformCon 2023 made HISTORY! This is an online event with the top DevOps and platform engineering leadings on one virtual stage. Don’t miss out!
  • EuroSTAR Conference Stockholm, Sweden June 11-14

    • Europe’s best testing conference with over 1000 software testers and 4 amazing days of learning and building community connections. With inspiring keynotes, hands-on tutorials, and access to the welcoming EuroSTAR community, you’re going to want to check this program out!
  • World Conference on Data Science and Statistics Amsterdam, Netherlands and Online June 17-19

    • This conference is one of the largest and most technological annual events on our roster and is represented in 3 regions. It is formatted so that it includes all elements of data-driven and AI-innovative business including data, people, processes and technology. You will learn everything from neural networks to data security, this is definitely a conference you do not want to miss!
  • Stack Conference Berlin, Germany June 18-19

    • This niche conference is great for those who like a more tight-nit, intimate experience with less than 150 attendees for 36 sessions over 2 days. You’ll learn on infrastructure topics around the entire DevOps lifecycle while networking with experts and industry leaders.
  • Heapcon Belgrade Serbia, November 7-8

    • This must attend regional conference is back! Heapcon 2024 is your avenue to be inspired by a worldwide community of tech professionals. This experience will teach you to think BEYOND technology by learning first hand experiences from the best in the industry.
  • KubeCon + Cloud Native Con North America Salt Lake City Utah, November 12 - 13

  • DevOps Barcelona Barcelona, Spain November 14-15

    • A passion project inspired by people in DevOps who make an impact both in the workplace and in their communities. Get ready before anyone else to see what is happening in the future of DevOps with the best of the best speakers that are eager to share their expertise.
  • Agile Testing Days Potsdam, Germany and Online November 19-22

    • Learn from programs and topics such as AI Testing, Accessibility, automation, continuous delivery and more at this 4 day conference with over 140 sessions! There is something for every team member in this program!
  • AWS Reinvent, Las Vegas, Nevada, December 2-6

    • AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by AWS for the global cloud-computing community. The in-person event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, 2,000+ technical sessions, the Expo, after-hours events, and so much more.

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