Our books are now free

Following up on last fall’s announcement that Upcase is free, we are happy to announce today that all of our e-books are now free as well. If you’re interested, go ahead and download an e-book from our learn page.

As an added bonus to the book PDFs being available for download free of charge, we’ve made the raw source content of the books open source and publicly available as well!

This includes:

  • Backbone JS on Rails
  • Domain Name Sanity
  • Geocoding on Rails
  • Goal-Oriented Git
  • iOS on Rails
  • Maintaining Open Source Projects
  • Maybe Haskell
  • Ruby Science
  • Testing Rails

We made a simple books website where you can read a brief description of each book and click through to find links to the latest book PDF along with the GitHub repository for the book. Enjoy!