Asking the Right Questions After a Demo

Product demos can be exciting moments in the development process. They offer a glimpse into what the team has been working on. They can help align stakeholders’ expectations with the product’s capabilities. But it’s not enough to show the product and hope for the best. Following up with targeted questions is essential. We want to ensure the demo is practical and everyone is on the same page.

Here are three questions that you should consider asking after a demo:

  1. What do you think about what you saw?
    We designed this question to gauge stakeholders’ satisfaction with the demo. It’s a simple way to understand whether the product meets their expectations. If stakeholders are happy with what they saw, it’s a good sign that the team is on the right track. If we disappoint or confuse, it’s clear we need to make some adjustments.

  2. Is it what you expected?
    This question is more specific than the first and aims to clarify expectations. Stakeholders may have different ideas about what the product should do or how it should look. Getting everyone on the same page is essential. We need to know if stakeholders expected something different from what they saw in the demo. We can address those discrepancies and ensure the team builds the right product.

  3. Will we continue?
    This question determines whether the team should move forward in the current direction. If we are unhappy with the current approach, we should make changes. It’s important to get stakeholders’ input. We need to determine whether the product is ready to move forward or whether we need to address any issues. If stakeholders feel that the team is on the right track, then the team can proceed with confidence. If there are concerns, it’s essential to address them before moving forward.

In conclusion, asking these questions after a demo can help ensure everyone is on the same page. We want to build a product that meets stakeholders’ expectations. The answers can provide valuable feedback to guide the development process. We only have to ask if they are happy with what they saw, if it meets expectations, and if we should continue. With these questions in mind, we can ensure that your demos are practical. You also ensure that our product is meeting the needs of our stakeholders.