Ask Me Anything Office Hours with thoughtbot's Chief Design Officer

Kyle in front of a whiteboard facilitating a design sprint

Hello! I’m Kyle Fiedler, thoughtbot’s Chief Designer Officer. I’m opening up some time on November 15th to host office hours for anyone interested in joining. These will be short, one-on-one conversations over Zoom.

A bit about you

What problems are you currently facing with your product strategy or design? What outcomes are you seeking? You might have questions about:

  • Validating your MVP idea
  • Using Jobs-to-be-Done on your project
  • Running your next Product Design Sprint
  • Conducting research for your product
  • Managing a Design team
  • Hiring your Design team
  • Leveling up in your design career
  • Critiquing your portfolio

Whether you’re a seasoned Product Manager or a Product Designer in the beginning stages of your career, I would love the opportunity to learn what’s on your mind and see if there are any solutions that I can offer. Bring these topics to office hours, and we’ll work through the answers together.

Grab a time with me on November 15th to join an office hours session.

A bit more about who I am

I enjoy working through complex problems and creating simple solutions. I’ve been designing user interfaces and product experiences for well over 10 years. I love using tools such as research, design thinking, design sprints, and Jobs-to-be-Done to help me understand what a product is trying to solve, what potential solutions look like, and then validating those solutions. I ship early and iterate.

While at thoughtbot, I’ve worked on a vast array of projects, from validating small startups to working with large organizations such as MIT and Merck. I’ve lost track of how many research and product design sprints that I’ve run. Because of my experience, I documented how I run Product Design Sprints and turned it into a guide to make the process more accessible and encourage others to facilitate. I’ve helped begin some of thoughtbot’s front-end open source projects, including Bourbon and Neat. I taught and recorded a workshop on Design for Developers that is available to take online today.

What questions do you have for me?

Grab a time with me on November 15th to join an office hours session.