🎉 thoughtbot20: A 20th Anniversary eBook

Chad Pytel

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we’ve selected 20 amazing articles posted to our blog from over the course of our 20 years, and compiled them into a beautiful 78 page PDF book. View a Sample PDF

thoughtbot anniversary book cover

In addition to the 20 articles, the book contains a visual timeline of important company milestones, and an introduction from me, thoughtbot Founder and CEO, Chad Pytel.

The eBook is available in two options: PDF-only for $10 USD, or a special Supporter Edition for $20 USD.

The Supporter Edition includes the book PDF, as well as

  • A special thoughtbot sticker set (delivered to you in July).
  • A remote group hangout and Q&A for Supporters with me, along with special guests (Friday, June 30th). All Supporters will also receive a recording of the event.

thoughtbot hasn’t lasted this long, and accomplished what we’ve done solely through my efforts. It has also been through the efforts of hundreds of team members over the years. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has contributed to both thoughtbot, and our blog, over the years.

If you’ve enjoyed reading our blog, using the open source we’ve created, our podcasts, or any of our other community contributions over the years, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to join us in the celebration of this milestone, and support us by purchasing the ebook. We appreciate all of the support we get from you, our readers, and we hope you enjoy.