Empower your remote teams to work collaboratively and productively

Software design and development requires collaborative efficiency—the ability to quickly solve problems together. When everyone’s in the office, that’s easy. When a team is remote, productivity can plummet. thoughtbot helps teams cross the chasm.

Let’s optimize your team working remotely

Our Experience

Fall back on almost two decades of distributed working

We’ve spent 19 years building great software with distributed teams—for ourselves, clients and the industry. Along the way, we’ve developed best-in-class practices to manage scope, parallelize work and collaborate asynchronously.

Optimize your remote process

Accelerate your team progress by properly scoping and parallelizing work

Teams often sequence work like cars at rush hour, and then find themselves moving slowly or waiting on work ahead of them to ship. Your key to remote success is the ability to scope and parallelize work, unlocking an order-of-magnitude leap in productivity.  

thoughtbot will work with you to optimize existing product processes, translate them to remote-friendly workflows.

Work with your team to:

  • Find the job-to-be-done for every feature
  • Document context in tickets, commit messages and PRs
  • Scope work into semi-autonomous pieces anyone can pick up

Quote about thoughtbot mentorship

We had a great nucleus of talent that was missing out on senior mentorship around tools and best practices. Working with thoughtbot not only activated the potential within the team, it accelerated it.

Josh Bielick
CTO, Adwerx

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Accelerate progress

Increase team productivity through open, asynchronous collaboration

Lots of work happens over lunch or by leaning over to ask a question. Without these informal channels, remote teams—especially those with more junior teammates—often struggle to make progress. thoughtbot can work with your team to:

  • Provide senior mentorship to junior developers and designers
  • Teach effective communication through code
  • Facilitate healthy, asynchronous code review processes
  • Offer additional asynchronous communications platforms

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