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Manage your business, not your software

You’ve got a business to run. thoughtbot and our network of service partners help ensure your application stays online and up to date, in the cloud, and working for your business.

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DevOps Experts

Rely on expert cloud migrations and server management

Purchasing and maintaining your own servers can be costly and a support burden. We will migrate your servers to a flexible and dependable solution in the cloud with Amazon Web Services, or another appropriate provider, and ensure your infrastructure is configured appropriately. We have the DevOps experience and partnerships to handle special considerations like HIPAA, FINRA, SOC 2, and PCI.

When companies don’t actively monitor performance, their server usage can go up over time, leaving teams surprised by increased costs. thoughtbot proactively protects against spending creep by continually monitoring performance over time.

Case Study

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Branching Minds — Scaling services with AWs to handle 2x the normal volume

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A team of maintenance professionals for less than the cost of one

Even the most well-written applications need to be maintained over time. Whether that includes upgrading to the latest version of Ruby on Rails or responding to changes in external services. We have Software Support and Maintenance packages that cost less than hiring a full-time software developer, but provide you with a team of experienced software professionals paying close attention to and strengthening your application. Whether you have a large development team, or none at all, we can work to ensure your application keeps working for your business.


Handle Security Vulnerabilities and Updates

Our team will help you discover and correct vulnerabilities in your application, infrastructure, and integrations. We proactively apply the latest security patches to your application and infrastructure, ensuring your business and customer data remains safe and secure.

Always on

Ensure that your services are always available

We can provide you with full around the clock monitoring and support for your application. Through our partners, we have an operations team that provides complete 24x7 support to make sure your application is always available

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