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Our goal is to explore as many possibilities as possible, regardless of how realistic, feasible or viable they may or may not be. From this explosion of opportunity comes insights made when considering the implications of radically different perspectives on and approaches to solving a problem. These insights can become valuable differentiating forces and the source of unique solution inspiration. Also, once we begin eliminating as many of these options as possible we are given reason to be more confident in the options we do move forward with because we have explored so many alternatives.

  • Have a mindset of "Yes and"
  • Constantly ask “How might we?”

Suggested Activities for Diverge

These are the core of the Google Ventures Design Sprint Diverge Day. They go through each of these exercises in the order that they appear and expect ideas to build upon each other while doing them. It is best to split up the Critical Path into stand alone parts and do this cycle for each part.

Mind Mapping

A warm up exercise to start generating ideas. People are given time to individually explore the problem however they choose to.

Speedy Eights

Speedy Eights are meant to generate a lot of ideas really quickly. With a forced time limit for each sketch people need to think quickly. Doing this exercise repetitively generates a lot of varied ideas.


This exercise mimics a movie storyboard. You'll be drawing a flow for the user by using Post-its as frames and writing out out a description next to it.

Silent Critique

This critique exercise is a way to get everyones input in a short amount of time. At the end of the exercise you'll have a heat map of the ideas people find really interesting.

Group Critique

This critique exercise is more open and allows for a more detailed conversation. It gives the person that came up with the idea to add any remaining details or correct any wrong interpretations.

Additional Activities for Diverge


3-12-3 is a good way to generate ideas in a big group and then start to converge them down. It is great to do after the Google Ventures Diverge Cycle when there seems to be more ideas and no really strong direction forward.

Example Schedule for Diverge

  • Intro to Day 2: Diverge (5min) Guidelines: Everyone participates, you don't need to be an artist to sketch and visualize your ideas. No ideas are too wild!
  • Recap Day 1, identify biggest risks, determine goals for the prototype (45min)
  • Identify and diagram the critical path for the prototype (45min)
  • Run through design thinking exercises (2 hours x 2)
  • Daily Recap (30min)

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