Brand - Logo


The unique thoughtbot "Ralph" logomark represents our brand.

The logomark and the individual elements of the logomark should not be altered or modified unless the modified version is being used for approved internal use.

The importance of this cannot be stressed strongly enough; modification or re-treatment of the thoughtbot logomark will detract from the integrity of the thoughtbot logo and, more importantly, the value of the thoughtbot brand.



The thoughtbot logotype is a customized version of the "Cabin" typeface.

The sans serif style is favored for its legibility and readability with its ability to render a balance and symmetry that is complementary to the thoughtbot logomark.

In order to protect the integrity of our brand, the logotype must never be altered or replaced by any other type.



If ever the default color version has contrast issues with its background, an alternate version in all white is recommended. (All formats are include in the assets pack.)


Usage Guidelines


  • Use the robot logomark outside of the circle.
  • Alter the proportions of the logo or logotype when use together, for either the horizontal or vertical orientations.


  • Prefer the default horizontal logo for all marketing uses.
  • Prefer the default color versions of the logo. Only use the alternate (white) versions when the default versions have contrast problems with the background on which they are being used.
  • Use the circular logo, without the company name, on internal branding, or only in close proximity with our name or other identifiable branding.

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