The purpose of this session is to orient the team to the work. The conversation can be as informal or formal as feels appropriate. We recommend taking notes with stickies (either IRL or using an app like Figjam).

Exercise: Discussion

Estimated time needed: 90 minutes

Materials: Previous research and data related to our customer and product

  • What is the idea for this new product or feature? How did we arrive at it?
  • Who is this for? What do we know about them so far? What don’t we know?
  • What are their pain points? Which of their pain points can be addressed with software?
  • How does it represent a business opportunity? What have we validated so far about the opportunity? What have we not validated?
  • Why are we doing this exercise right now? What are our goals? Examples of a goal for running this playbook might be a quarterly product roadmap, a pitch deck for fundraising, a hiring plan, or team re-alignment after a reorganization.
  • How often will we meet to do this work?
  • Where will we document our work and findings?
  • What is everyone's role during this?
  • What are the expectations of each team member/the general mindset of everyone involved? (e.g. Are there particular individuals responsible for certain tasks or is everyone expected to do any task at any given moment?)
  • What are the deliverables we aim to have by the end of this session?

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