Growing our community

Expanding our network and partnering with others helps us all share learnings more widely, grow a more robust community, and support each other in reaching our goals.

We look to connect with groups offering complimentary services to our own or those who are supporting communities of folks also passionate about building great things.

If you know someone who has a need that we might be able to help with, you may be eligible to be compensated through our Referral Program.

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Make new friends but keep the old

Referral Program

Do you know someone who is looking for a product, design, or development partner? When you introduce us to someone and we end up working together, we will compensate you for the referral. Please make introductions or send any questions to referrals@thoughtbotcom.

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Resources, Tools & Learnings

We are dedicated to building great products and doing so in a way that allows ourselves and our clients to grow, improve, and learn along the way. We've learned a lot from our experiences, and we dedicate time to crafting resources that share learnings and best practices. We enjoy teaming up with Partners to craft thought leadership as well and have interest in a variety of formats.

Check out all our Resources

Resources include:

  • Playbooks
  • Open source libraries
  • Product, Design & Development Blogs
  • Entrepreneur Resource Center
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Books
  • Podcasts

Collaboration Opportunities

Events & Podcasts

We facilitate our own events regularly and also host two podcasts. We welcome the opportunity to partner on an event, workshop, or podcast. If you have an idea or a topic you think would be a good fit for our audiences, send us an email.

Upcoming & Past Events
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Let's Talk

Do you have an idea we can partner on?