thoughtbot Mentoring & Office Hours

In an effort to share our learnings, and help more people build great products, we are here to connect with you via standing office hours. Office hours are free, remote drop-in sessions where our experienced product managers, designers and developers devote their time towards mentoring, answering your questions or discussing your goals for your products and product teams.

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Ready to help

Tap into our product management, design & development expertise

The thoughtbot team is comprised of about 100 team members, bringing to the table design, development, and product management.

Our development team is full-stack, with capabilities including iOS, Android, Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Elixir/Phoenix, Rust, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React, React Native, EmberJS, AngularJS, and SQL. Our Product Designers have experience with designing UX/UI, conducting research, and outlining a business strategy. Our Product Managers are product strategy experts and help lead all stages of product development from validation to launch.

Example Topics

  • Addressing Tech Debt and improving your code base
  • Questions around our Open-source Libraries
  • Implementing Test Driven Development
  • Improve collaboration between designers & developers
  • Introducing or optimizing a design system
  • Improving your user interface to make your product more usable
  • Where to start with a new product idea
  • Navigating or getting started with a career in tech and product

Get in touch

With a bit more info we can schedule our session

This program is held remotely every Friday between 14:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC.

We ask that you share some information via the following form so our team can best prepare for the session. In response to your submission, our team will follow-up with you directly. We look forward to meeting you!

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