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Let's talk about website strategy

Actionable marketing advice from our website redesign

Jumping through hoops to get updates to your website? Having a hard time getting Design, Development, and Marketing on the same page? Your marketing site can be the single most powerful tool at your disposal to amplify your brand and generate leads. So why is website management a headache at nearly every company?

Join thoughtbot's Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Design Officer for a free online workshop on their process for fine-tuning thoughtbot's website to achieve marketing goals. They'll show you how they worked through some of the problems that the site was facing, including updating quickly (without kidnapping developers), improving accessibility, and refining brand consistency.

During this workshop, you’ll hear about some of their struggles, learn how they were able to overcome them, and leave with recommended tools and processes you can apply at your own company.

This workshop will include:

  • Using Jobs-to-be-Done to establish long term Marketing goals
  • Establishing strong Voice and Tone and Brand Guidelines
  • Integrating a content workflow with a design system with a content management system

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Marketing leaders frustrated by dependence on others to update their site
  • Business leaders unsure about how to optimize their website for marketing success
  • Anyone overwhelmed by where to focus effort when it comes to website projects

Workshop Speakers

  • Lindsey Christensen, CMO

    Lindsey Christensen, CMO

    Lindsey is the Chief Marketing Officer at thoughtbot where she oversees brand, demand generation, content strategy, and Prior to thoughtbot, Lindsey led marketing at high-growth SaaS startups like GrabCAD, and worked at enterprise tech companies like PTC and Stratasys.

  • Kyle Fiedler, CDO

    Kyle Fiedler, CDO

    As Chief Design Officer, Kyle leads the thoughtbot product design team. For over 10 years at thoughtbot he's used tools such as research, design thinking, design sprints, and Jobs-to-be-Done to help him best understand what a product is trying to solve, what potential solutions look like, and then validating those solutions.