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A conversation about remote user research in healthcare

Have you been conducting user research to inform your product decisions? If you feel like you’re not doing as much as you can, or being as effective as possible, you’re not alone. Getting people to open up about their personal health experiences and wellness habits is a difficult undertaking. And conducting these conversations remotely, during a pandemic, adds additional hurdles.

Join Jaclyn Perrone, Design Director at thoughtbot, for a fireside chat with Mallory McMillan, User Researcher at Seven, to uncover the challenges and triumphs of conducting remote user research for health tech in these trying times.

We’ll cover:

  • Special considerations for conducting remote user research in the healthcare space
  • Best practices for user interviews (both inside and outside of health tech)
  • Navigating PHI (Protected Health Information) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Discussing sensitive subjects with participants
  • Interpreting, synthesizing, and sharing research findings
  • Live Q&A with you the audience

This event is great for

  • Health tech leaders looking to conduct user research for their product
  • Founders and designers looking to pivot into the health tech industry
  • User researchers new to conducting remote user interviews in healthcare

Meet the Speakers

  • Mallory McMillan, Seven

    Mallory McMillan, Seven

    Mallory is a UX researcher who has built and led user research programs at a range of leading-edge companies. From an autonomous rideshare startup to Google AR, and now wellness app,, Mallory has applied her extensive experience in web, mobile, human factors, and ergonomics to merging physical and digital experiences. She is passionate about leveraging innovative research techniques to produce actionable insights throughout the entire product lifecycle.

  • Jaclyn Perrone, thoughtbot

    Jaclyn Perrone, thoughtbot

    As Design Director at thoughtbot, Jaclyn provides mentorship and support to the Boston design team, while assisting with sales, strategy, and client engagements. She has facilitated countless user interviews, design sprints, and workshops, and enjoys giving talks about all those things.