Research & Strategic Insights AMA
Research & Strategic Insights AMA
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Just in time for planning the best 2023, join us at our upcoming event where we will answer your questions on all things research and strategy. Two thoughtbot Leaders will share how to use research & validation to make the best decisions and outline a concrete action plan. 

In this live, online event we’ll be discussing:

  • The common mistakes organizations make when exploring a new technology initiative
  • How critical product-market-fit is, and how to nail it (once, and then in an ongoing fashion)
  • Customer acquisition and engagement, and how research can uncover critical changes you should be making
  • Concrete tips for connecting with your users more regularly
  • Understanding how to test the effectiveness of your product, it's messaging and value prop

This event is great if you are:

  • Looking to strategically move your product, team, or business forward
  • Working to solidify your product-market fit
  • Needing to uncover how to wow customers and beat your competitors
  • Considering a pivot in your industry or with your product
  • Struggling with plateaued user engagement
  • Kelly Gebo, Associate Director, thoughtbot (Facilitator)

    Kelly leads Business Development efforts and Corporate Sales. She loves building relationships and learning about a client's goals and challenges to best support their project.

  • Dawn Delatte, Managing Director in Ignite

    Dawn is responsible for the thoughtbot's early-stage product team, commonly partnering with founders, innovation teams, and R&D departments. Her goal for each project is to facilitate positive and meaningful interactions with people, using tools like design thinking, user research, and front-end development.

  • Jordyn Bonds, Director of Product Strategy in Ignite

    She has spent the last decade in early-stage startups, either as a co-founder or an early product hire. Before that, she was a UX designer and a front-end engineer.

    She loves taking a new idea or market opportunity through research and validation into prototyping and early adoption.