Live Panel: React Native vs. Native App Development
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How to choose between React Native and native for mobile development

Over the last 4 years, the React Native framework has seen rapid growth. With a community of over 2,000 contributors and some of the world’s biggest companies adopting it, no one can deny React Native’s popularity. However, many mobile developers still swear by using native development over React Native.

This raises the question, should mobile developers use React Native instead of going with a fully native alternative? The answer is more complicated than it seems.

Join us on November 19th, 2021 for our next live Q&A with some of thoughtbot’s expert mobile developers as they discuss the pros and cons of React Native and native. They’ll discuss how to decide for your own product and share success stories of clients on both sides.

This event will cover:

  • What are the most important tradeoffs between React Native and native?
  • Which framework is the best for overall performance? Lowest cost of development?
  • Is it risky to invest in a third party open source technology like React Native? Which framework is the most secure?
  • Will our users notice if we use one over the other? Will they care?
  • When does it make sense to invest in a fully native app?
  • What does hiring native developers vs. React Native developers look like? Are there salary differences? Overall experience differences?
  • How can new developers learn React Native?

This live Q&A is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are building a product and are weighing their technology options
  • Product Leadership who are expanding their product into the mobile space
  • Technical consultants that work with mobile clients
Panel Speakers
  • Mike Burns, Development Team Lead

    Mike has been with thoughtbot since 2007. He has extensive consulting experience and deep development experience with Ruby on Rails, Android development, C, Python, Haskell, shell, and more.

    Mike has worked with at least 40 companies to level up their team, build prototypes, plan and scope features, scale deployments, audit security, and generally build software. These projects have ranged in domains including payments, video streaming, Internet of Things hardware, geospatial analysis, social networking, publishing, and e-commerce.

    Mike has expanded his skill set to include Android development with Kotlin and has recently been contributing to native development for companies like Etsy, and a new product in stealth mode for a large pharmaceutical company.

  • Jason Bailey, Product Manager

    Jason has been writing code in one form or another since the days of floppy discs and dial-up connections.

    Most recently, Jason has worked with InHerSight to create a new React Native based mobile app designed to bring their community engagement, job seeking, and content delivery services to mobile users, as well as add some fun new mobile-only functionality to their platform. Jason has also done iOS work for Etsy, Shopify work for LOLA and TrueBotanicals, and helped the Cleveland Orchestra to create a new Ticket Wallet mobile app.

    Jason’s current focus is on mobile technology, including the React Native stack(Javascript, Redux), iOS native development(Swift and Objective C), and app store deployment.

  • Louis Antonopoulos, Development Team Lead

    Louis joined thoughtbot in October 2018. He has worked on a transportation project for Toyota Connected, a birth plan app for Soshe, an pet information/networking app for EdgyPet, a community sharing app for Good Use, an accessibility project for GitHub Mobile, and an opioid addiction treatment app for Groups Recover Together. He has also served as a project advisor for InHerSight, a career-building app and site focused on building better workplaces for women.

    Prior to thoughtbot, Louis served as the Product Manager for International Mobile Apps and as a Mobile Engineering Manager at Ticketmaster / Ticketmaster Mobile Studio.

  • Stephen Hanson, Development Team Lead

    Stephen is a senior developer and developer team lead. He has diverse experience, working for companies ranging from large enterprises to small startups.

    He has been consulting for the past eight years and loves working with clients to find the perfect solution to complex problems. When he's not at his computer, you can usually find Stephen reading a book, woodworking, or playing with his kids.