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Data Science in Healthcare: Separating fact from fiction
Fireside Chat
An honest discussion about the Data Scientist role

How do you know if you actually need a data scientist? What is data science vs data engineering? Healthcare companies across the industry are jumping on the trend of creating data science teams, but many of them are jumping prematurely. 

Whether you are a large, established healthcare company or a scaling health tech startup, it’s critical to first hone in on what you are trying to accomplish as a company and whether data science can help you achieve it.

And that’s just the beginning. There are a lot of variables and nuance to this meaty topic, so let’s phone a friend. Joining thoughtbot for a fireside chat (and hot takes) will be Ashley Holmes, Senior Data Scientist at nQ Medical.

In this online event we’ll discuss:

  • Common misconceptions about data science in healthcare
  • Data Science vs Data Engineering vs Data Analytics
  • How the above concentrations map to roles 
  • Valuable applications of data science in healthcare
  • Common tools and methods
  • Ashley’s personal career journey and insights

This discussion is ideal for:

  • Healthcare teams considering hiring a 1st data scientist or expanding their team
  • Data Science teams struggling to define their role in the company
  • Folks interested in data science roles
  • Ashley Holmes, nQ Medical

    Ashley is a Senior Data Scientist at nQ Medical and previously a Senior Data Engineering Associate at athenahealth, and academic researcher in the healthcare systems science and engineering space. She is passionate about conducting research to improve the fragmented healthcare system in the United States.

  • Lindsey Christensen, thoughtbot

    Lindsey is the CMO at thoughtbot where she oversees brand, demand generation, and online events. She is also the co-host of the Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots podcast. Prior to thoughtbot, Lindsey led marketing at high-growth SaaS startups like GrabCAD, and worked at enterprise tech companies like PTC and Stratasys.