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Live AMA with thoughtbot Devs

Are you stuck on a Rails upgrade? Feeling frustrated with your team’s processes? Wondering how to land your dream developer job?

What have you always wanted to ask a thoughtbot dev? Ask us live!

On June 23rd at 9 AM Pacific Time (see in your timezone), join us for our Live AMA with thoughtbot devs in celebration of thoughtbot’s 20th anniversary.

Meet your AMA thoughtbotters 

Not sure what to ask? Here’s a list of things we love to talk about:

  • Ruby & Rails
  • Open-source
  • Site Reliability & Platform Engineering
  • (transition to/learning) DevOps
  • Conference speaking, Community & Blogging
  • Remote work: working from outside the US
  • From product to consultancy
  • Technical interviews

Send us your questions in advance to increase the chances of them getting answered.

See you there!