Design team values

We use these values as a starting point to form opinions about how we design our process and products

Design is the champion for the user

The design team is the voice of the user. Empathetic to user needs, we dive into the problems our users are facing and fight for inclusive and accessible solutions that put their needs first. Our work solves problems and meaningfully improves peoples’ lives. The software that we put into the world will make it a better place.

Iteration leads to great design

The faster you iterate, the faster you’re able to get to a product that solves users’ problems and the more likely you’ll find the right solution. We know that no design is perfect and that the platforms we design for are always evolving. We ship often because we know the only way to make something useful is to put it in people’s hands and get real feedback. We’re not afraid of making a change and failing because we know that iteration and learning is part of the design process.

Design makes businesses successful

We make businesses successful by mitigating risk and validating assumptions using design and research methodologies. We start with a strong understanding of what user pain-points are, and work as a team to quickly prototype and test solutions. We document our assumptions along the way and mark whether they’re validated or invalidated. We regularly interview users and conduct usability tests to make sure the products we’re building produce better outcomes.

Everyone designs

We believe that anyone who has an impact on the product is part of product design process. Design is everything from the business strategy to the user interaction to how the database is structured. We know that collectively we’re able to design better products as a diverse team. While it’s our design team’s responsibility to guide the process, we rely on the whole team to design successful products.

Design is a craft

We care about the details of the design, from the visual design to the code we write to implement it. Paying attention to details makes our interfaces both functional and beautiful. We look to bring innovative new techniques and styles to our projects to continually delight our users. Our design decisions and processes are thoughtful and intentional. We take complex systems and make them simple and intuitive.