Strategic Architecture guidance to reach product scaling and business growth goals

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Re-architect complex, production product

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Ruby on Rails, Stimulus, Hotwire, Shopify

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Improved code quality and development standards, a speedier more efficient product including new high-priority features

about rivo

Rivo supports 132,000+ Shopify merchants with technology to improve their sales process.

Specifically, brands use Rivo to drive customer retention, address challenges and leverage their products as a growth catalyst for loyalty and reviews. After success in the market, and uncovering additional needs for their customers, Rivo’s vision was to become an even more robust omnichannel marketing platform. To prepare their product to support these growth goals, they needed to tackle new features but also revisit codebase quality and standards overall to ensure they could scale accordingly. thoughtbot was brought in to analyze the current product, and prepare and execute a re-architecture and scaling strategy.

Screenshots of Rivo product

Screenshots of Rivo product

The Solution

thoughtbot started with a technical feasibility effort, to ramp up on the existing codebase and explore potential solutions.

A key element of the recommendation would be navigating how to successfully complete updates to a large code base that would need to continue operating at full capacity during the project. In reviewing the codebase further, thoughtbot identified outdated standards and areas for simplification.

Once development got underway, some big wins included replacing outdated jQuery with Hotwire and JS in general via the Rails app and using turbo frames on the Rivo analytics dashboard allowing for great filter controls.

Screenshots of Rivo product

Screenshots of Rivo product

The Outcome

Faster, efficient, and scalable solution

The transition from jQuery to Hotwire allowed the codebase to be streamlined and simplified while still being able to perform the required tasks. A great deal of code base duplication was able to be removed, allowing the application to run smoothly, quicker, and be easier maintained by the team down the line.

Understanding our work would be transitioned to the in-house Rivo team, and they would need to be well equipped to maintain the product moving forward, thoughtbot described all of our work and decision-making via documentation as well as pairing sessions for 1-1 knowledge transfer.