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Building a new crypto app to pitch investors

Company Type
Cryptocurrency startup
Scope and build an MVP
Elixir/Phoenix development
MVP launched on time

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are hot topics, but the process of buying, selling, and learning about cryptocurrency is convoluted. Leon Johnson saw an opportunity to build an app that could help educate and empower people interested in crypto. In the video below, Leon talks about why he reached out to thoughtbot to help him with his vision, what the process of working together was like, and what the future holds.

“ The methodology that thoughtbot uses is extremely lean. At the end of every week there was something they could show me and that I could play with and I could use. It was really exciting to see it become real. ”

Leon Johnson, Founder, Lightswap Leon Johnson, Founder, Lightswap

What does success look like for your project?

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