Frontrow Health

Building a consumer healthcare app that connects patients, doctors, and health & wellness companies

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Design and build a successful MVP leveraging healthcare data to benefit consumers, doctors, and DTC home health companies

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MVP, React, DevOps, Web UI Design, Ruby/Rails Development, Python, and PostgreSQL

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MVP launched to users on time and on budget


Frontrow Health’s mission is to revolutionize the consumer health industry

The Frontrow Health platform sets out to allow consumers to monetize their own healthcare data through shopping for personalized home health products vetted by their doctor. Frontrow Health’s solution will enable the first doctor-assisted healthcare shopping experience for consumers. It also gives doctors a way to earn additional revenue, as they onboard their own patients and review direct-to-consumer health products and services.

thoughtbot felt like they were my internal dev team, and they treated my company and my product with as much care as I did. I was wildly impressed from the very beginning with how much thoughtfulness they brought to the table, day-in and day-out.

Irfan Alam
Founder & CEO


The platform’s goal was to create a three-way connection between consumers, physicians, and healthcare companies.

Frontrow Health began looking for a partner to help design and build the most impactful experience for their target users and selected thoughtbot because of the proven experience in uncovering a sound product strategy, defining user needs, building the most impactful MVP, and working collaboratively to maximize Frontrow Health’s chances of both product and business success.


Frontrow Health had a long list of desired features and understood that priorities would need to be defined to reach their launch date. For this reason, we kicked off with a multi-week Product Design Sprint, allowing us to conduct research to help shape the right feature set and the corresponding user experience, and foundational technology choices for Beta launch.

Our research included conducting user interviews that helped to uncover audience needs, motivations, and day-to-day workflows. At the close of the Sprint, the most crucial pieces of the Beta application were confirmed as well as the relationships between the marketplace participants. Our roadmap and corresponding feature set was prioritized into three categories: Beta, MVP and Post-Launch.

Moving forward with the design and development of the Beta product, thoughtbot provided additional support on the DevOps and Business front, including helping them hire their own internal product team and onboard them successfully. The thoughtbot DevOps team focused on integrating the main application with the product recommendation algorithm in necessary environments and from a business perspective, thoughtbot’s Product Strategists worked closely with Frontrow Health to finalize the brands and respective data that would be fully integrated and managed via a supporting admin tool.

As our product took shape, the Frontrow Health team also grew. thoughtbot supported the hiring, onboarding and training of Frontrow health’s newest (& first!) in-house designer and developers.

thoughtbot is the best in the business. When I chatted with other dev shops explaining that we were going forward with thoughtbot, there was an aura of respect – they knew thoughtbot was one of the OG’s and “thought-leaders” in the space. They are a team of brilliant engineers and designers who care as much about your product as you do.

Irfan Alam
Founder & CEO


Beta launch and beyond

After a successful Beta launch, thoughtbot and Frontrow Health will continue the same agile process in tackling fast-follow features and revisiting MVP & Post-Launch goals, using customer research, and industry analysis to make strategic decisions. As Frontrow Health grows, thoughtbot looks forward to watching their product evolve, and helping them grow a stellar product team in parallel.