A Smarter and More Personalized Social Network for the Pet-Owning Community

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A mobile application that was not fully developed or launched

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App design and development completed quickly to meet launch requirements

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Who is EdgyPet?

EdgyPet is a highly personalized connection platform that helps pet parents everywhere connect better, providing much-needed benefits to the pet-owning community.

On EdgyPet, everything members choose to share is made valuable through unique, hyper-personalized communities that keep members connected based on the shared attributes of their pets, including pet type, breed, life stage, personality, quirks, health conditions and diet.  On EdgyPet, valuable and fun content finds its way to those who can relate and reap the most benefit. 

The Challenge

EdgyPet came to thoughtbot with a mobile application that was not fully developed. EdgyPet needed the app completed quickly to meet launch requirements.

thoughtbot began the engagement with a Product Design Sprint which enabled the parties to discover and identify the most relevant experiences for pet parents. Then, thoughtbot improved the prototype into a ready-to-launch MVP.

When a pet parent creates a profile for their pet, that individual selects the tags that best represent their pet from categories including personality, quirks, health conditions and diet. These selections determine the make-up of a pet’s community.  Only pets that share something in common will be part of each other’s communities.

Photos from the EdgyPet design sprint

Screenshot of the EdgyPet prototype

The Solution

All communities on EdgyPet are open and dynamic.

Pets move in and out of communities constantly based on their profile tags and the tags of other pets. The app was built this way to ensure pet parents never miss an opportunity to network in ways that are relatable and relevant.

Personality, quirks, health conditions and diet. These are just a few of the ways pet parents can be linked on EdgyPet. EdgyPet’s feeds are personalized for each pet, to provide immediately-relevant content. The thoughtbot team developed and enhanced the app’s matching system based on multiple factors. This system includes algorithms that match pet parents with others who have pets that share the same profile tags, and automatically moderates the experience.

Quote about working on the EdgyPet project

Working with thoughtbot was an exceptional experience. I can’t say enough great things about the entire team, their process, their workflow, and the quality of the code. They have a talented team of designers and developers working there.

Vail Weymann
CEO, EdgyPet

The Outcome

EdgyPet has transformed into a collaborative, growing community of pet parents.

Great ideas are shared all the time on social networks, but so often get lost or never find their way to the pet parents who can most benefit from them the most. EdgyPet's innovative design, created by thoughbot’s designers, allows users to tag products and services directly to posts, and then direct those posts to others with pets like theirs.  This further personalizes the experience, making finding and discovering relevant as well.

EdgyPet’s mission is to help millions of pet parents connect better, in ways that support, recognize and enhance the highly personal relationships between owners and pets. The highly tailored nature of the platform makes the experience fun and relatable and provides an authentic and uplifting experience for pet parents everywhere. 

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