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Advance your team and improve product performance with thoughtbot Boost

As you reach new levels of growth, your product hits new pain points. Bring on thoughtbot Boost to embed with your team and ease transitions through scaling challenges while maintaining and accelerating momentum with test-driven development and user focused design. Your team, and your users, will thank you.

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Team Augmentation

Stabilize your tech without slowing down

As you hit significant new product lifecycle stages, things start to break. Technical debt piles up and it hurts your ability to acquire and retain customers (not to mention your own developers). Augmenting your team with thoughtbot Boost allows you to keep flying the plane while you build it.

Whether it’s web or mobile app development, performing code audits, or helping with your next technical hire, thoughtbot has 17 years of experience jumping into complex tech scaling situations and helping the team steady the course and confidently move forward.

Quote from Teikametrics about thoughtbot

thoughtbot left me with a much more seasoned team than I had started with, a better architecture, and a much clearer roadmap.

Aatish Salvi
CTO, Teikametrics

Watch Aatish talk about working with thoughtbot

Design optimization

Invest in design-led product strategy 

Continuous improvement of your product design and design methodology pays dividends. But much like technical debt, as your product grows, you also stack up design debt. Design Systems become outdated, the UI backlog is unwieldy, and user testing and interviews aren’t happening on a regular basis.

thoughtbot Designers don’t just tick off design To Do’s for you, but work closely with your team to mature your product design strategy and the function of design within your organization.

We’ll help with:

  • Design System optimization
  • UX optimization
  • Design mentorship
  • Alignment and communication across a cross functional team
  • User research & usability testing

Web and mobile accessibility

Prioritize accessibility and inclusivity to improve user experiences

Accessibility is a core principle of the web, a civil right, a great way to approach product design, and a framework to help guarantee quality. Instead of excluding potential users and creating legal liability, learn how Inclusive Design can help create robust experiences that are usable by all.

thoughtbot will help you audit your current product accessibility, identify next steps, and work with your team to weave accessibility best practices into your everyday design and development processes.

Check out our free Accessibility Check List

Quote from Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

By law, our website is required to be ADA compliant. But I think there’s a big leap between being compliant and really being usable in the accessible space. The team at thoughtbot has a real enthusiasm for accessibility and they had a strong impact on our perspective.

Patrick FitzGerald
Director of eCommerce Operations, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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thoughtbot Boost Services

Learn more about a few of our team's specialty areas

Ruby on Rails

Our team has been a passionate and active presence in leading the Ruby on Rails community since the very beginning.

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Elm's easy learning curve helps your new team members get up-to-speed writing production code in no time.

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Python and Django

thoughtbot’s expert Python developers and designers can get your project moving with this go-to tool for building APIs.

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We help individuals and teams mature processes and nurture a healthy and productive culture.

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Product Design

From strategy to implementation, we collaborate with you to design experiences that build successful products and businesses.

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Case Studies

Hear what our clients are saying

MSPP — Scaling and maintaining a vaccine management app to meet surging demand.

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Resources for your team

Check out the best practices our team is writing and talking about:

Best Resources to Upskill Your Technical Team

As a manager, how can you help your team, both neophytes and veterans, get better at their craft?

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Make small, data-driven performance improvements

Performance issues are a form of technical debt. They are issues because we neglect the root cause until it affects our application in a way we can no longer ignore.

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Find opportunities for optimization and growth with a service blueprint

A service blueprint is a powerful design tool for organizational change and product transformation.

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