Where to stay when you visit us

Hey! You!

You’re a hip Rails dev looking to expand your knowledge and hang out in Boston!

So come take our Rails training class April 7th, 8th, and 9th!

Map of hotels around thoughtbot

And while you’re here you could stay in these sweet hotels:

They do not come with totally deck sneakers and wild haircuts but they are near places that can help.

If you’re looking for something more casual may I suggest:

These two actually has a hard time filling up so you can often get some last-minute less expensive deals*. We recommend checking them first (especially if you’re looking last-minute!).

* This is a rumor we’ve heard and passed along from someone who heard it and passed it along.


Cars are for the suburbs; we have the first perfectly hateable public transit system here in the city! When using Google Maps to find your way around you can select “by public transit” to see that much of the time the walking directions are more fun and faster than the T.

To get downtown from Logan Airport you have a few options: taxi, subway, or Silver Line. The taxi is undoubtly the most expensive and fastest option (about 20 minutes).

The Silver Line is a bus that runs from the airport terminal to South Station, which is a few blocks away from our office. You can take the Red Line (subway) from South Station to Park St Station (our office) if you want, or you can walk and enjoy the pun that Summer St turns into Winter St. Funny guys.

You can also catch the 22 Logan Shuttle (bus) to Airport Station, and take the Blue Line (subway) to Government Center; from there you can walk down Tremont St or jump on the Green Line (subway) to Park St Station.

You can’t miss us.