Vanquish thoughtbot At The Poker Table

Dan Croak

If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize. - Muhammed Ali

Not since the Thrilla in Manila has there been a contest so hyped, with so much on the line. This is bound to be the most remarkable, exceptional event in Vegas all year.

Of course I refer to…

The 2009 Railsconf Poker Tournament

We’re pleased to announce a no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9pm at The Poker Room at Caesar’s Palace.

The buy-in is $65. Caesar’s takes $15 from each person to set everything up for us. We’ll have our own dealers, and the casino handles everything.

Winner takes the rest.


How to play

Send an @reply to @thoughtbot on Twitter. We’ll call Caesar’s at noon tomorrow with the final count. We’ve got 15 right now.

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