Update from RubyConf 2023

If you missed out on RubyConf 2023 or just want to relive the action, video recordings of thoughtbot’s presentations are now available on YouTube. Please check them out!

Which Time Is It?

By Joël Quenneville

Can you add two time values together? Yes. No. Not so fast!

Reset your clocks and join me on a graphical tour of time itself. You’ll discover how “time” is more than a single thing, build intuition around what different operations mean, and get a sense of when some operations are nonsensical. You’ll leave with a better mental model for thinking about time and avoiding subtle time-related bugs in your own code.

The Unbreakable Code Whose Breaking Won WWII

By Aji Slater

After the last carrier pigeon but before digital encryption algorithms, there was the Enigma machine. An ingenious piece of pre-atomic age technology encoded German military secrets during World War II, baffling code-breakers with mere physical rotors, and switches, without elliptic curves or private keys.

Delve into object-oriented programming and bring the Enigma machine back to life with an emulator built in Ruby. Unravel the secrets of this nigh-unbreakable cipher device, witness OO principles unlock its mysteries, discover the power and versatility of the patterns we use as developers and how they mirror the Enigma’s inner workings.

Getting Good At Being Bad At Things

By Victoria Guido

Learn how embracing fear and discomfort can make you a better leader.

Thanks so much to all the awesome presenters and organizers at RubyConf 2023. Here’s looking forward to 2024!