thoughtbot in Asia

We flew all the way over the Pacific Ocean to meet you fellow Rubyists at these conferences in Asia in the upcoming weeks:

May 30 - June 1 — RubyKaigi (Tokyo, Japan)

こんにちは、日本! We’ll be having two thoughtbotters presenting talks at this conference:

Thursday at 5:00pm

You have to test multiple versions of your gem’s dependencies. You used Appraisal. It’s super effective!

Prem Sichanugrist will be talking about how to use the Appraisal gem to manage code that needs to be tested against multiple versions of dependencies.

Saturday at 11:00am

The Origamist’s Ruby: Folding better code

Matt “Goose” Mongeau will be talking about how to think about code more like Origami in order to find the true beauty of code.

June 7 - 8 — Red Dot Ruby Conference (Singapore)

Hello, Singapore! We’ll have one thoughtbotter presenting a talk at this conference:

Saturday at 8pm

Dependencies Testing With Appraisal And Bundler

Prem will be talking about how to use Appraisal gem here as well, but the talk will be slightly different. If you miss Prem’s talk at RubyKaigi, you can catch his talk here. Let him show you how Appraisal can make your gem testing easier, and a sneak peek of version 1.0!

During these conferences we’d love to meet up with other developers to chat about code, our open source projects, or anything from Learn. We’ll see you soon!