This Week in Open Source

Jason Draper

Factory Bot1

Version 3.6.0. of factory_botis hot and ready (919543e).

Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) added memoization to the names of attributes which adds a 33% speed increase on factories with overrides (acb2636). He also removed the unnecessary dependency on bluecloth (8d2b352) and added a respondtomissing on NullObjects to make the release more compatible with Ruby 1.9 (e038bf8). Alex P (ifesdjeen) also added jRuby support, you can check the installation wiki page for set up information.


The space bar is now working as the leader key in our dotfilesthanks to sjas (sjas). Dan Croak (croaky) also changed the prompt to only list your current working directory instead of the full path (4208970).


paperclipsaw release 3.1.4 (70f0f1f) with an awesome commit message from Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu). Matthew Schulkind (mschulkindi)added the ability to specify the format of the file and override the built in content-type detection (3103da5). Nick DeSteffen (nick-desteffen) and Yasith Fernando (thekindofme) found and fixed a few typos (ef4725f) (786a13f). Sergio Cambra (scambra) fixed a syntax issue affecting users on ruby 1.8.7 (f7b76cd). Thanks to Aditya Sanghi (asanghi), paperclip now features a URI adapter (5d06ad8).

Trail Map

If you haven’t checked it out already, the trail-mapis a great resource for anyone interested in improving their programming or design skills. This week Darren Woodley (manvsmachine) updated our unix map to include I/O redirection (a9279f8e).


Our beloved Clearance had a 1.0.0.rc1 release this week (26860a1) and we would be thrilled to get feedback on it via GitHub issues or This release features a multitude of changes including enforcing database constraints (fd6fbc0),removing unnecessary flash messages (7184e7d) and a change to using BCrypt for encryption over SHA1 (be37c35)for improved security.

Project name history can be found here.

  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.