This Week in Open Source

Gabe Berke-Williams


Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw - that’s me!) cleaned up the clearance Rakefile a bit (4f016db).


Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) released version 3.1.0 of factory_bot (f1d3018). For the full list of changes, see the NEWS file. Josh updated a few dependencies too (20becc9, 29157d6). Kristian Mandrup (kristianmandrup) added the ability to alias sequences, just like you can alias factories (f387e38, 178a7ab). To see how to use it, see the documentation (f013335) he added for it. I love documentation pull requests.


Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) bumped factory_bot_rails to version 3.1.0 (4259e4c) to match factory_bot’s new version.


Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu) released version 3.0.2 (240147e) of paperclip. Unfortunately, the NEWS file hasn’t been updated for 3.0.2 yet. Prem removed an obsolete generator, then added a test for it (a2a4c7a, 03700c8). Preston Guillory (pguillory) fixed a typo (853595a). Typo fixes are always welcome! Michael Galero (mikong) pluralized the table name in the migration generator to follow Rails convention (28e2d1b). And Rafael Mendonça França (rafaelfranca) removed init.rb, since plugins will be deprecated in Rails 4.0 (ae7b7c5).


Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw - me again!) finally released a new version of shoulda-matchers! Version 1.1.0 has a bunch of changes that you can see in the NEWS file. One of the noteworthy changes is that shoulda-matchers now depends on ActiveSupport >= 3.0.0 (= 3.0.0. Remove some Rails 2.1.x code.“>c65e43a), meaning it’s Rails 3-only. We’ve been only testing against Rails 3 for a while, so this just makes it official. Gabe made a couple of documentation fixes (9203275, 8fcc3d2, a4edff0) and also cleaned up the code (5873502, 41088bc, 3039cc6, 820f216, 2e73b35, 457be62). Brendan Loudermilk (bloudermilk) added an accept_nested_attributes_for matcher (ee74222).


Finally, Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) fixed a little bug in this-week-in-open-source (which I used to generate this post!) to print missing directories before doing anything else (564c7c9).

Project name history can be found here.

  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.