This Week In Open Source

Mike Burns


I was reminded that I’ve been missing out on our sweet laptop script, which is a program we maintain to get a Rails environment set up on OS X as quickly as possible. So over the past week, Antonio Salazar Cardozo (Shadowfiend) fixed our capitalization of Qt (b667280), Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu) fixed our capitalization of JavaScript (87fe88f), and Dan Croak (croaky) removed the deprecated Heroku Labs plugin (842cd0d) and gave instructions on installing the command-line Xcode tools (a177cca).


The suspenders gem, which has helped many people start a Rails app, now shows that the build is broken. Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) added that (76e42eb).


The shoulda-matchers gem is a collection of RSpec matchers for various Rails things. Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) went to town on it this week, cleaning everything up in an effort to make it more pleasant to hack on (2b98e49, 09544fa, 7b3d6d0, 96df0b1, 36006d8, 4ff1344, 3b3181b, 4574f51, 1c517d2, bd52483, e70e1bf, 41bccc8). Having done that, he added a :primary option to the have_db_column matcher (68e65b2). Matthew Daubert (MDaubs) fixed a JRuby failure and also added support for Rails 3.0 (d85503f).


Due to my complaining last week, the bourne gem now has a NEWS file (8dfb077), thanks to Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw).


So we have this gem named paperclip. You might have heard of it. This week, Tony Brewerio (tony-brewerio) fixed the :content_type validator (c4c22f8).

Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu) released version 3.0.1, which breaks backward compatibility (d61ddd5, 51bb0f9, 7088f5b, e1951ed, 9ea4a9b, 36d1289, 8390516, b3f9690, 8e80310, ee4107a, b3a63ed, 8a758c2, 84d2d08, fe706c6, b54904e, d3a7427, da5d716, ee42b19, e83f88f, 03f777f, 5232b19, 19aedbc).

Jon Yurek (jyurek) merged in something he has been working on: adapters for different types of I/O (6c5fe19, e10edcd, f4b6d48, 78cfebd, 89c8d11). Adding new file-like things is now easier, including URLs that act like files. Yeah, that’s right.

Jon is so going to write a blog post about this with more explanations, after he updates the README.

Factory Bot1

A bunch of fun commits to factory_bot this week. Chris Griego (cgriego) used pull requests as a forum to promote his ActiveAttr gem (81c9f2c and 4e2a672). Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) added a before_create callback (24d417d).

Vasiliy Ermolovich (nashby) used ActiveSupport for deprecation warnings (bca13f1 and 28e3c25) and also made use of the singleton_class method in Ruby 1.9 (08d01c1).

Mike Subelsky (subelsky) fixed a typo in the docs around the name FactoryBot::Syntax::Methods (266b1d6), Dan Croak (croaky) mentioned the supported Ruby versions in the README (bed50ec), Josh renamed Changelog to NEWS because that’s exactly what it is (4f5b775) and also renamed *rb files to *erb to handle yardoc better (a6ccbcb).


I totally dropped the ball on releasing a new version of capybara-webkit this week. Sorry about that! Joe Ferris (jferris), however, refactored some of the C++, which is very welcome (c2a2bd0 and 4531f65).


Some news in our appraisal gem this week: Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) added a contribution guideline (fd05fdf), then osheroff fixed appraisal to handle weird filenames (1d4fa93, b21220a, and 75a4970).

Project name history can be found here.

  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.