This week in open source

Mike Burns


Hey! shoulda-context has a maintainer! His name is Travis Jeffery (travisjeffery) and he’s got commit rights and everything! Thank you, Travis.



One feature was added to cocaine over the past week: Daniel Mircea (viseztrance) made it such that you can now pass blank argument values (a2d01c4). For example, this now works:

command_line =
  "-X POST -d :data :url",
  :data => "",           # Hey note this!
  :url => "http://localhost:9000",
  :swallow_stderr => false)

puts command_line.command

…which will produce:

curl -X POST -d '' 'http://localhost:9000'


The paperclip project saw a few neat commits this week. Jeremy McNevin (jmcnevin) and ralph (ralph) pass the file type to Fog now, always (839b98c and 201f02e). Luke Griffiths (Sporky023), one of our new apprentices, got his first open source contribution in: you can pass an :s3_encrypted option for controlling which encryption type S3 should use (true is now s3serverside_encryption => :aes256">65e0338 and true option">af6d343). And Jon Yurek (jyurek) fixed mixing Paperclip with non-ActiveRecord codebases (bc6ed16).


The fixture replacement gem, factory_bot, is now at version 2.4.2 (845578c). It includes bug fixes, a deprecation, and more Rails support. All commits were by Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton).

There was an issue where using an inline trait would cause it not to be reset (70a80fd), and an issue with the precedence of inline traits (065c6c1).

Josh also deprecated the attributes_for class method, which once upon a time produced all the attributes that a factory would set (a883315). He provided no reliable workaround.

Today, Rails 3.2 was released, so we made sure to test against that—and it works! (5555f14)


A new release for capybara-webkit, yeay! Joe Ferris (jferris) cut the release (59ba861), first removing a long-standing debugging print statement (0bac05e).

Sweet features, bro: Yuri Gadow (ylg) added support for the fancy text inputs in HTML5 like email, number, search, and so on (7e5e99b).

John Barker (excepttheweasel) updated the README to point out that capybara-webkit does not, in fact, listen on port 8200 (2285621).

Project name history can be found here.

  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.