This week in open source

Mike Burns

Few commits over the past week. We’ve been hard at work on refactorings and larger features (plus client work), so keep your eyes peeled for the amazing commits we pull from you (yes, you!) in coming weeks.


Commits on suspenders this week bring us instructions on how to use the app with Heroku (257ea39 and 5a4c257), revised documentation “that is awesome, not terrible” (c5ba370), and a bug fix on Heroku: specifying the environment can sometimes raise an error (b45e57f)—all thanks to our Dan Croak (croaky). Brooke McKim (brookemckim) updated the docs to reflect that Hoptoad is now named Airbrake (8b5216e).


A tiny but important change to paperclip this week from Abel Martin (abelmartin): he documented how to use the Paperclip test helpers from Test::Unit (9d7b0dc, e8d5331, and 5f3b88d).


For the first week ever factory_bot saw one tiny refactoring and no new features. Joshua “The Refactorer” Clayton (joshuaclayton) cleaned up the stub proxy—the build stategy that is invoked when you use FactoryBot.build_stubbed—by completely removing the constructor and delaying the actual construction of the stub object (8ce897f). This is part of a larger refactoring he is doing.


Some peace and quiet on capybara-webkit this week, when Joe Ferris (jferris) removed some stray print-debugging and general Ruby whining (5adab74).


Dan Croak (croaky) dedicated some time to our dotfiles over the week, improving documentation on how to use and upgrade it (87685f1 and 326ceb4), organizing and adding shell aliases for working with Heroku (352dcad, 6458ae7, and cbea59b), and deciding that the GitHub color scheme is better than the vividchalk color scheme in vim (de071e9).

Project name history can be found here.

  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.