This week in #dev (Jul 7, 2023)

Edited by Matheus Richard

Welcome to another edition of This Week in #dev, a series of posts where we bring some of the most interesting Slack conversations to the public.

Sign Git Commits with SSH Keys

Summer ☀️ has shared a link to a blog post explaining how to sign Git commits with SSH keys instead of PGP keys.

Learning Ruby Documentation from the Command Line

Svenja Schäfer has learned about a new way to view ruby documentation from the command line: ri.

% ri Enumerable

Beware of find_each Ignoring Order Instructions

Rémy learned the hard way that find_each from Active Record messes with the query method order. It uses find_in_batches under the hood, which automatically sets the order to ascending on the primary key.

Cloning a Project Wiki with Git

Svenja also learned how to clone the wiki of a project using the command: just add .wiki to the end of the repository URL.

$ git clone

Flaky Tests: An Introduction

Dimiter Petrov sent a link to an article about flaky tests. The article provides an introduction to the topic.


This edition was brought to you by: Dimiter Petrov, Summer ☀️, Svenja Schäfer, and Rémy Hannequin. Thanks to all contributors! 🎉