The Contest Now: Redux

Last week we announced a contest which people could enter by following @thoughtbot on twitter. A couple hundred of you listened, and entered to win some excellent prizes.


Mr Blair Cummins was so inspired by our contest, that he launched One Million Tweets - which will give 10% of the profit it yields him to The Bridges Foundation. Dutch historians were able to use the contest to confirm that a painting which has apparently been in their house for 300 years is most likely a new portrait of Shakespeare held by the Cobbe Family. We are awaiting confirmation as to whether Alex Rodriguez’s decision to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery is a result of having heard about the contest as well - but he may never admit wether it was.

Anyway, on to the winners! These tweeple (tweeps?) have won…

The Monday Winner of a brand spanking new Widgetfinger account is none other than @keenpixel

The Tuesday Winner wins a Tadpole Hoptoad account, and that person is @railslove

There are two more hoptoad accounts and a Rails training prize to be given out—so if you haven’t followed yet, get in while she’s still cooking, and follow @thoughtbot on twitter.