Tell Me When It Closes — Improved!

Chris Toomey

Tell Me When It Closes is our simple but useful service for keeping up to date with issues and pull requests on GitHub without getting lost in the noise. If you’re unfamiliar, check out our introductory blog post for more detail.

In the past year, Tell Me When It Closes has sent thousands of notifications when discussions have concluded, but if we’re being honest, the notification email was a truly minimal MVP.

Well, it got an upgrade! Today we’re happy to share the new notification mailer, which is not only more useful but also nicer to look at:



In addition to the overhauled design, we now pull in extra info from GitHub about when and how the discussion closed and include that detail in the message. To get specific, the new mailer includes:

  • The closing user’s username (and full name if available)
  • The closing user’s avatar
  • The Closed or Merged icon as appropriate
  • An updated link that takes you directly to the closing event on the discussion page

If you’re not signed up, now’s the perfect time to check out Tell Me When It Closes and add your first issue or pull request.

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