Suspenders as a gem

Mike Burns

Suspenders—as a reminder, Suspenders is our base Rails project that can be easily upgraded—has some issues. Specifically, two: you have to pull down all of the git repo in order to start a project, which itself requires pulling down all of the git repo again, and; Suspenders itself is untested.

Suspenders Boy

The solution to these problems are fairly straight-forward so I went ahead and did it. Presenting, today, the Suspenders gem!

gem install suspenders

Installing the gem will give you the suspenders command. I have grandiose plans for this command-line utility but for now you can create a new project:

suspenders create carbon_dating

You can upgrade a Suspenders-based project at any time, as usual:

rake git:[pull:suspenders](

As a reminder Suspenders will give you:

To run the new Suspenders test suite you will need the git repo for the gem:

git clone

Then go in and run rake. This will build a new project using Suspenders, set up the last touches (clearance stuff, mostly), and make sure that the project passes.