Gabe Berke-Williams

We haven’t been taking pull requests on shoulda-matchers as much as we shoulda, but it’s back in the spotlight now. Shoulda’s been gone … but it’s back.

Here are the new features in shoulda-matchers 1.1.0:

  • A NEWS fileso you can track new hottness in REAL TIME
  • shoulda-matchers’ very first dependency: ActiveSupport >= 3.0.0. This was an implicit dependency for a while, but now it’s official.
  • An only_integer option for validates_numericality_of
  • A query_the_database matcher, so that you can do it { should query_the_database(4.times).or_less }
  • Database column primality is correctly checked
  • The flash matcher can check specific keys using [], like so: it { should set_the_flash[:alert].to("Bad username") }
  • A validates_confirmation_of matcher: it { should validate_confirmation_of(:password) }
  • A serialize matcher: it { should serialize(:details).as(Hash).as_instance_of(Hash) }
  • A have_sent_email matcher can now check reply_to: it { should have_sent_email.reply_to([user, other]) }
  • An accept_nested_attributes matcher

If you filed a pull request and we didn’t take a look, please re-submit or ping me on Github. We’d love to hear from you.