Introducing the Reboot Podcast

Adarsh Pandit


We’re excited to announce Reboot, a show hosted by Adarsh Pandit which features interviews with people who have made dramatic career changes.

The show joins The Bike Shed, Build Phase, and Giant Robots in the thoughtbot radio family.

We’re experimenting with recording this show as a season of 10-15 episodes much like the popular Serial podcast. (Note: this is the only similarity between the two shows)

In the first episode of Reboot, Adarsh talks to Gordon Fontenot about his journey from a college dropout to an iOS Developer here at thoughtbot.

Also, we’re launching the show with a special crossover episode of the Giant Robots podcast where Chad Pytel flipped the script and interviewed Adarsh about his own career changes from scientist to management consultant to developer. Listen to that episode here.

Please subscribe with your favorite podcasting client or in iTunes. We’d love to hear your feedback. You can tweet @rebootshow or email us. Also, ratings and reviews are welcome on iTunes.

Thanks to Thom Obarski for editing the show, Reda Lemeden for the logo, and Don Okuda for the theme music.